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  • Daiber, P., Genovese, F., Schriever, V., Hummel, T., Möhrlen, F., Frings, S. (2013)
    Neuropeptide receptors provide a signalling pathway for trigeminal modulation of olfactory transduction
    European Journal of Neuroscience   37: 572-582   
  • Funk, K., Woitecki, A., Franjic-Würtz, C., Gensch, T., Möhrlen, F., Frings, S. (2008)
    Modulation of chloride homeostasis by inflammatory mediators in dorsal root ganglion neurons.
    Molecular Pain    4: 32   Open Access
  • Gilbert, D., Franjic-Würtz, C., Funk, K., Gensch, T., Frings, S., Möhrlen, F. (2007)
    Differential maturation of chloride homeostasis in primary afferent neurons of the somatosensory system.
    International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 25:479-489.
  • Gilbert, D., Funk, K., Dekowski, B., Lechler, R., Keller, S., Möhrlen, F., Frings, S., Hagen, V. (2007)
    Caged Capsaicins: New Tools for the Examination of TRPV1 Channels in Somatosensory Neurons.
    ChemBioChem 8: 89-97     

  • Kaneko, H., Putzier, I., Frings, S., Gensch, T. (2002)
    Determination of intracellulaer chloride concentration in dorsal root ganglion neurons by fluorescence lifetime imaging.
    Current Topics in Membranes 53: 167-189   

pain papers

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