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  • Frings, S. (2009)
    Primary processes in sensory cells: current advances
    Journal of Comparative Physiology A 195: 1-19 Open Access
  • Waldeck, C., Frings, S. (2005)
    Die molekularen Grundlagen der Geruchswahrnehmung : Wie wir riechen, was wir riechen
    Biologie in unserer Zeit 35: 302-310 PDF

  • Balfanz, S., Strnker, T., Frings, S., Baumann, A. (2005)
    A family of octapamine receptors that specifically induce cyclic AMP production or Ca2+ release in Drosophila melanogaster
    Journal of Neurochemistry 93: 440451   Abstract   PDF

  • Liebig, K., Wolk, A., Frings, S. (2004)
    Diplom - Bachelor - Master : Wo geht's lang?
    Biologie in unserer Zeit 34: 216-219   PDF

  • Frings, S., Bradley, J. (2004)
    Transduction channels in sensory cells
    Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany    Information

  • Putzier, I., Frings, S. (2002)
    Tiergifte in der biomedizinischen Forschung - Vom Jagdgift zur neuen Schmerztherapie
    Biologie in unserer Zeit 32: 148-158    Abstract     PDF

  • Osipov, A.V., Weise, C., Franke, P., Kukhtina,V.V., Frings, S., Hucho, F., Testlin, V.I. and Yu., N. Utkin (2001)
    Cobra venom contains a protein of the CRISP Family
    Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 27: 198-199    Abstract

  • Mould, J.A., Drury, J.E., Frings, S.M., Kaupp, U.B., Pekosz, A., Lamb, R.A. and L.H. Pinto (2000)
    Permeation and activation of the M2 ion channel of influenza A virus.
    The Journal of Biological Chemistry 275: 31038-31050    Abstract      PDF

  • Frings, S., Reuter, D. and S.J. Kleene (2000)
    Neuronal Ca2+-activated Cl- channels - homing in on an elusive channel species.
    Progress in Neurobiology 60: 247-289    Abstract    PDF

  • Frings, S., Brüll, N., Dzeja, C., Angele, A., Hagen, V., Kaupp, U.B. and A. Baumann (1998)
    Characterization of EAG channels present in photoreceptors reveal similarity to IKx, a K+ conductance in the rod inner segment.
    Journal of General Physiology 111: 583-599     Abstract     PDF

  • Frings, S. (1997)
    Conotoxine - Lähmen und Lernen mit Schneckengift.
    Futura 12: 77-86     Abstract

  • Frings, S., Purves, R.D. and A.D.C Macknight (1990)
    Ion channels in urinary bladder.
    Renal Physiology and Biochemistry 13: 112-128     Abstract

  • Frings, S., Purves, R.D. and A.D.C. Macknight (1988)
    Single-channel recordings from the apical membrane of the toad urinary bladder epithelial cell.
    Journal of Membrane Biology 106: 157-172     Abstract

misc. / reviews

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