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  • Genovese, F., Thews, M., Möhrlen, F., Frings, S. (2016)
    Properties of an optogenetic model for olfactory stimulation
    Journal of Physiology   595: 3501-3516   
  • Mayer, U. (2008)
    Protein Information Crawler (PIC): extensive spidering of multiple protein information resources for large protein sets.
    Proteomics 8: 42-44.   
  • Klimmeck, D., Engel, U. (2007)
    Immer der Nase nach: molekulare Riechforschung
    BIOspektrum 13: 392-394     

  • Gilbert, D., Funk, K., Dekowski, B., Lechler, R., Keller, S., Möhrlen, F., Frings, S., Hagen, V. (2007)
    Caged Capsaicins: New Tools for the Examination of TRPV1 Channels in Somatosensory Neurons.
    ChemBioChem 8: 89-97    Abstract   PDF

  • Hagen, V., Dekowski, B., Nache, V., Schmidt, R., Geißler, D., Lorenz, D., Eichhorst, J., Keller, S., Kaneko, H., Benndorf, K., Wiesner, B. (2005)
    Ultraschnelle Freisetzung hoher Konzentrationen von cyclischen Nucleotiden aus Cumarinylmethylestern durch Ein- und Zweiphotonenphotolyse
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 44(48): 7887-7891    PDF

  • Kruger, W., Gilbert, D., Hawthorne, R., Hryciw, D.H., Frings, S., Poronnik, P., Lynch J.W. (2005)
    A yellow fluorescent protein-based assay for high-throughput screening of glycine and GABAA receptor chloride channels
    Neuroscience Letters 380: 340-345   Abstract    PDF

  • Kaneko, H., Putzier, I., Frings, S., Kaupp, U.B., Gensch, T. (2004)
    Chloride accumulation in mammalian olfactory sensory neurons.
    Journal of Neuroscience 24: 7931-7938    Abstract    PDF

  • Hagen, V., Frings, S., Wiesner, B., Helm, S., Kaupp, U.B., Bendig,J. (2003)
    [7-(Dialkylamino)coumarin-4-yl]methyl-caged compounds as ultrafast and effective long-wavelength phototriggers of 8-Bromo-substituted cyclic nucleotides.
    ChemBioChem 4: 434-442     Abstract

  • Hagen, V., Frings, S., Bendig, J., Lorenz, D., Wiesner, B., Kaupp, U.B. (2002)
    Fluorescence spectroscopic quantification of the release of cyclic nucleotides from photocleavable [Bis(carboxymethoxy)coumarin-4-yl]methyl esters inside cells.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 41/19: 3625-3628.

  • Kaneko, H., Putzier, I., Frings, S., Gensch,T. (2002)
    Determination of intracellulaer chloride concentration in dorsal root ganglion neurons by fluorescence lifetime imaging.
    Current Topics in Membranes 53: 167-189

  • Hagen, V., Bendig, J., Frings, S., Eckardt,T., Helm, S., Reuter, D., Kaupp, U.B. (2001)
    Highly efficient and ultrafast phototriggers for cAMP and cGMP by using long-wavelength UV/Vis-activation
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition 40/6: 1046-1048     Abstract      PDF

  • Frings, S., Hackos, D.H., Dzeja, C., Ohyama,T., Hagen, V., Kaupp, U.B. and I.J. Korenbrot (2000)
    Determination of fractional calcium ion current in cyclic nucleotide-gated channels.
    Methods in Enzymology 315: 797-817        

  • V. Hagen, J. Bendig, S. Frings, B. Wiesner, B. Schade, D. Lorenz, and U.B. Kaupp. (1999)
    Synthesis, photochemistry and application of (7-methoxycoumarin-4-yl)methyl-caged 8-bromoadenosine cyclic 3',5'-monophosphate and 8-bromoguanosine cyclic 3',5'-mono-phosphate photolyzed in the nanosecond time region.
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B. 53: 91-102    Abstract      PDF

  • Kaupp, U.B., Dzeja, C., Frings, S., Bendig, J. and V. Hagen (1998)
    Application of caged compounds of hydrolysis-resistant analogs of cAMP and cGMP.
    Methods in Enzymology 291: 415-430.

  • Hagen, V., Dzeja, C., Frings, S., Bendig, J.,Krause, E. and U.B. Kaupp (1996)
    Caged compounds of hydrolysis-resistant analogues of cAMP and cGMP - synthesis and application to cyclic nucleotide-gated channels.
    Biochemistry 35: 7762-7771.     Abstract      PDF

  • Frings, S. and B. Lindemann (1992)
    Noninvasive recording from sensory cilia of olfactory receptor neurons maintained in situ in the isolated amphibian olfactory mucosa.
    In: Practical Electrophysiological Methods. Kettenmann, H. and R. Grantyn, eds. Wiley-Liss, New York. pp.88-92.    Abstract

  • Frings, S. and B. Lindemann (1990)
    Single unit recordings from olfactory cilia.
    Biophysical Journal 57: 1091-1094    Abstract

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